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Great Gear: Domke Camera Bag

Looking to buy a new camera bag?

Look no further!

Domke Camera Bags: …I love them!

When I first started out as a camera assistant I needed a strong bag to carry all sorts of things - filters, clapperboard, rolls of film etc. The choice of  suitable bags was limited then and the best bag you could buy was a “Billingham”.

I would have bought a new one to replace my 20 year old one which was on it’s last legs, unfortunately the receptionist on the Billingham desk was not very helpful to my  questions so I decided to go in search of an alternative.

My criteria was a smaller bag than I had before, one that would take a DSLR and 2 lenses plus filters and a lightweight tripod and not make my shoulder complain after half an hour of carrying it around.

After a lot of research I found the Domke camera bag range.

Domke is an American brand of photography bags and accessories.

Jim Domke created the first Domke bag in the year 1976, while he was working as a photographer with the Philadelphia Inquirer. As a daily news photographer Jim saw that most of the bags used by photographers got torn or broke very easily and decided to create his own. His design was to allow a photographer to assemble his gear and take pictures without removing the bag from his shoulder. He also designed the Gripper Camera Strap, a heavy cotton web strap with two rows of natural rubber woven right into the strap, which prevented the strap from sliding off while shooting.

It doesn’t scream out 'I’m a camera bag with lots of expensive kit inside', just looks like a well-designed shoulder bag. The non slip strap is fantastic and the large flap holds my Feisol tripod in place over the equipment lying beneath the rim of the bag. Unlike some other bags the handle isn’t attached to the top flap, so when you lift it the bag stays horizontal.

The bag shown here is the Domke F-4AF Pro System Bag - Black also available in Sand (click on the links to go through to the Amazon site)

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