Digital Photography Holidays in South West France    with Graham Berry

Images of France Course Information - Level 1 Beginners/Improvers

"remove the mystery, create the magic..."

Level 1 Course Overview


If you are a newcomer to digital photography or have been using a camera for quite some time but are not getting the best from it this is the course for you. We will provide an excellent foundation for all your future photography.

We will take away the mysteries that hinder producing great photographs and create some magic as you learn to 'see' things in a new light.

We have guests with a wide range of experience and they all gain valuable knowledge and confidence - everyone has a great time learning these new skills in a convivial and relaxed atmosphere. To see their comments, click here

photographer and lake

To begin with, we want to ensure that you have a good understanding of the technical aspects of exposure that are essential to achieving consistent results. Then we move on to using these tools in a more creative way.

After each tutorial session there is a practical exercise, which allows you to try things out for yourself and get a really good grasp of the techniques that have been explained.

We also go out on location shoots where you will be able to put together all that you have been learning, hopefully bringing back some strong images to the digital darkroom, where we use Photoshop Elements for managing and enhancing them.

For examples of the standard achieved by the guests on our Beginners/Improvers course, please visit our Level 1 Gallery

A typical itinerary - Images of France Level 1

The course is run as a number of tutorials, discussions, assignments and practical exercises.

bouquet by Susanne BohrmannBouquet by Susanne Bohrmann

You will leave with new photographic skills that will take your future photography into a whole new dimension.

With comfortable accommodation in our adjacent gite, and excellent meals throughout, you can be sure of a very enjoyable experience overall.

Equipment Supplied

Equipment Required

You can hire a DSLR camera and tripod for the duration of the course. If you would like to do so, please indicate this on the booking form.

by Graham Berry

A portrait using natural light

The next level

If you have already attended our Level 1 course or feel that you have a good understanding of the use of your DSLR and are achieving consistently good exposure, then you are ready for the challenge of our Level 2 course, shooting in RAW mode and building on your skills to create stronger images in more varied situations. Read more Information on our Level 2 DSLR Course

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