Digital Photography Courses in South West France    with Graham Berry

Featured Course - Level 1 Beginners/Improvers

Some highlights from a Level 1 course


Being prepared...

Good shooting techniques are learnt early on in the course

Here's an excellent shot, capturing the moment and getting it spot on!

Photo by Grainne Harrington

Getting the exposure right...

Over or under exposure is in the top 5 of common mistakes.

Learning how to master exposure in difficult situations is explained and practiced from day one.

Here's a superbly exposed image of a difficult subject.

Photo by Graham Williams

in the woodpile, by Gwenda RudkinEnhancing images in the digital darkroom....

Sometimes you don't get the results that you were quite hoping for, but these can often be magically transformed in software.

Here's an interesting abstract image from a piece of old timber in the woodpile, enhanced by techniques taught in our digital darkroom.

Photo by Gwenda Rudkin

Capturing the light and the moment


Light - learning to see what the light is doing, to recognize the difference between the flat light of midday and the warm evening light.

Off on location to put these techniques into practice, and here is a lovely example of capturing the luminous reflected light and using fast reactions to capture the nun before she disappeared from view.

Photo by Grainne Harrington

Evening light and reflections

lake by Graham Williams An evening visit to a nearby lake offered lots of opportunities for appreciating the warm golden light and long shadows.

Using reflections creates subtle patterns and interesting images.

Photo by Graham Williams

How we view an image

path to the gardens, by Gwenda Rudkin

Understanding how we view an image helps us to create compositions that work.

Here is a pleasing photo of the path leading to the pilgrim's garden - this was no snapshot, but a carefully composed and well exposed shot of a delightful view.

The steps down and the path opposite provide leading lines that help the eye to explore and enjoy the composition.

Photo by Gwenda Rudkin

All photos taken by our guests during an Images of France Beginners/Improvers course. Reproduced here with their permission.

More images from our courses

You can see some more examples of our students' work in the Level 1 Gallery

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