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Great Gear: Feisol Tripod

A great tripod for taking anywhere...

One piece of photographic equipment that in my opinion ranks as important as a super sharp lens is a good tripod. Unfortunately, the photographer often does not see the need for one or tends to leave this valuable piece of equipment at home as it is often too bulky, weighs too much, is difficult to carry and worse, takes up valuable baggage allowance.

On a recent trip, Belinda and I were up before dawn to catch the pre-sunrise light on the French coast at Collioure, which is renowned for its fabulous light. Quality images require low ISO and correct exposure for the best possible results. Add for good measure an f/stop so the lens works at its best with around f/8 or f/11 and the whole  thing shouts slow shutter speed.  Without that trusty tripod you’re compromising the outcome!

So what will ensure that you have the tripod with you at all times?

The answer is lightweight, compact and rock steady: a combination that can be dauntingly expensive as carbon fibre is the choice material.

Enter stage left….. the FEISOL Tournament C3442  4-section carbon fibre legs and Manfrotto 486 Compact Ball Head.

Feisol quality build is similar to tripods costing much much more!  This is my tripod of choice that I am happy to carry with me all the time.

Before you check out the price let me remind you that cheap tripods don’t make the grade. You get what you pay for and IMHO this one will pay you back with years of rock steady support for those precious photographic moments.

You can get the Feisol CT-3442 tripod from Amazon.

Folded length with head inside the legs: 49cm 19.4”
Max height to camera plate (Manfrotto MN-200PL 1/4"Quick Release Plate) 1.51m
Weight - Head and legs 1.754Kg

Feisol tell me their CB40 ball head also fits inside the folded legs.

Also check out the CT-3441SB traveler edition (combination head and legs). The Times Online voted this as "one of the best high-end options" in their Six of the best tripods for travellers review - 14th Oct 2009

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