Digital Photography Holidays in South West France    with Graham Berry

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Taking photography to the next level

photographer enjoying an images of france course

"Thank you so much for taking me to the next level in my photography, I will never forget my experience. The food and wine is fantastic, the gite is extremely comfortable and meeting with both of you has been a sure case of pleasure!!" Valerie, Canada


"What a wonderful time. The photographic course was inspirational. The food was utterly fantastic. Thank you for a relaxing time well spent " Graham, UK

this photography lark is fun!No mystery ... just creativity

"Great accommodation, fantastic food, friendly atmosphere. No mystery left in photos, just creativity. Thank you for a great time. " Penny & Ian, UK.

Excellent.. fun.. professional...informative

"Wow! What a course! So many pennies dropped that I felt like a change purse! It was truly an excellent photography course, but also such fun... Professional and informative as well as relaxed and enjoyable. Je reviens!" Tammy, France

Showing me how to use my camera

"Thank you for showing me how to use my camera! Life will never be the same again! Really enjoyed the course - thank you both for working so hard to look after us!" Debbie, UK

Learned a lot

we had such a good time

"It was a really wonderful experience. Great photography and wonderful food. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed myself." Ajay, India.

An outstanding week... great tutoring

An outstanding week of: fun, laughs, great company, outstanding food and great tutoring in photography. We can't thank you enough for a memorable experience. We will be back!!! Chris & Moira, NZ

Excellent tuition..

"We all agree that we have had a fabulous time. Excellent tuition, scrumptious food and very comfortable lodgings. Thank you both for your hospitality and making the week not only informative, but a great deal of fun. " Rachel, Danielle & Jane, UK

So enjoyable

"So enjoyable, fun and relaxing. But more important the light is coming! Thank you to both of you" Sharon, France

Well thought out

"A pleasure and a privilege to enjoy a well thought out course on photography technique and practice! I learned a lot. Well done." Hugh, France

I've.. learnt to read a histogram properly

using my kit to its full

"Thank you both so much - I've enjoyed the most delicious food, the sunshine and finally learnt how to read a histogram properly; you have inspired me to macro as well". Gwynneth, UK

The gift of teaching

"Thank you Graham for the wonderful gift of teaching me to take good pictures - the camera used to be a black box - no longer" Molly, UK

A brilliant course... gorgeous surroundings

A brilliant course, in gorgeous surroundings.... Filled with a new confidence and looking forward to progressing to new heights." John, UK

What a team!

"What a team! The combination of enthusiasm, knowledge, fun and excellent food is unbeatable. I hope to return once I've taken a lot more photographs. Many many thanks." Sally, Isle of Man

A revitalized interest

"In a few words - relevant, approachable and fun + informative and inspiring. Many thanks for a revitalized interest in my camera! David, Guildford

A wonderful journey into the mystery of photography and demistifying the art

"Thank you for a wonderful journey into the mystery of photography and de-mistifying the art enough for me to start taking some improving photos and then improving them further. I loved it (and the courgettes!)." Vikki, Isle of Man

My head is buzzing with information and ideas

"Thank you Graham & Belinda for an excellent course. My head is now buzzing with information and ideas...." Maggie, France

Enjoyed every minute

"Fantastic holiday, great photography. Really enjoyed every minute, learnt a lot." Steph, Uk

A very good introduction to photography

"A very good introduction to photography - and a great envrionment in which to learn. Delightful and kind hosts. Many thanks" F.B.T, Uk

Felt very at ease ... warm, friendly welcome

"Had a brilliant week, despite being a complete novice when I arrived. Felt very at ease very quickly - thank you for such a warm, friendly welcome...." Pam, UK

See you for level 2!!

A great time - shooting photos, eating food and wonderful company. Comprehensive guidance but not too much overload of info. Thank you so much, see you for L2!!" Julie, UK

A year's learning in 5 days...

"As well as a wonderful course, enjoyed the stories at mealtimes so much. It was fascinating to hear of the adventures, hopes and dreams of everyone else on the course. Thank you for a brilliant holiday as well as a year's learning crammed into 5 days." Alison, UK

enthusiasm is very contagious

"Part 2 - Thank you so much for such a wonderful time again. Your enthusiasm is very contagious and the way you both impart your knowledge inspirational." Tim, France

I will be back!

"Thank you very much for a wonderful time. Inspired me to make more of photography. Great company and wonderful hosts making my stay most enjoyable. I will be back!" Chris, UK

"Really enjoyed your teaching style - fun, simple, easy to understand and very relaxed." Maggie, UK

Excellent teaching

"An inspiring 5 days thank you. Excellent teaching, practice, experimenting. Finally I have the basic knowledge to use my camera "off" the programmes." Tess, UK

And then there's the food....

"I have a wheat and cows milk intolerance. Because of this I always find going away or eating out difficult. My husband attended the Images of France Easter Special course and I joined him as a guest. I was amazed at the different starters, dishes and puddings presented. It was wonderful for me to know I could safely eat and enjoy the delicious food. Thank You! " Maryse, Oxfordshire

scrumptious..wonderful..outstanding..exceptional..GREAT..fantastic.. superb...delicious..gourmet

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