Digital Photography Holidays in South West France    with Graham Berry

Stepping Stones . . . . to better photography

build your skills and confidence, have fun with photography

Perfect choice of shutter and aperture

the importance of choosing the correct shutter speed


Whether it is the basics you need to improve on, having the time and opportunity to develop and practice a particular skill set or just to venture out to new and exciting photographic locations, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

We have produced a set of informative and easy to understand instructional videos from the basics to advanced techniques as well as working with Adobe “Lightroom” and “Photoshop Elements”. So, in addition to having time with Graham to learn specific techniques, this allows a group with mixed abilities and experience to each have new and interesting ideas to try.

Instructional Videos

the effectiveness of a polariser filter

For the beginner and improver, the videos take you through the basics of good exposure, creative use of aperture and shutter and shooting techniques to achieve consistent and superior results.

Also included are creative concepts and composition skills for family photography, portraits, still life and landscape.
We have as well, a series devoted to the fundamentals of photo processing your images after capture.

For the more advanced photographer, techniques such as HDR, Portraiture and posing techniques, Shooting styles for street photography and capturing the moment, together with  simple lighting set ups for use on location and in the studio, layers and textures, macro and more are covered.

In a focused step by step approach, we demonstrate the concept, the methods to apply, the pitfalls to avoid and how the final result should hopefully look.


Instructional Videos

getting to grips with Adobe Lightroom


In this way you can try out any tutorial at your own pace, compare your results with the examples, experiment at base and out on location, knowing there's always help and advice on hand and lots of encouragement.

Each day will bring the opportunity to learn and develop your skills and confidence and put new techniques into practice on site and on location, with Graham to guide and inspire you.

Let 2016 be the year for some truly magical picture taking!

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*To view the videos on personal devices such as phone or tablet will require the installation of a file browser App.
The app we recommend for use on the iPhone or iPad is “Filebrowser” available from the Itunes store or ES File Explorer for Android from Google Play.


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